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Snohomish Country- Lake Side-Living Green-Green Community

(Snohomish County) A sustainable lifestyle green community (Living Green) is an outcome of a design that focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use — energy, water, and materials while reducing impacts on human health and the natural environment. A community is created that aims to meet human needs and lifestyle desires while preserving the natural environment. A sustainable community (Green Living) is one that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

In Lakeside at Wonderland in Snohomish County you can live an elegant lifestyle while in harmony with the natural environment. Imagine a place where you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures…AT HOME; a place to relax or explore; a place to get away from it all; or exciting places to entertain your friends and family. Lake Side at Wonderland is a Resort Lifestyle in a magical setting.

Lakeside, designed and created by Land Technologies, is a model of a sustainable and Green Community that has been integrated into the natural environment. Residents and families will enjoy the serenity and amenities this lifestyle will provide for multiple lifetimes.

Land Technologies (Snohomish County) has built a strong reputation with innovative design and finding creative solutions that incorporate Green Living into new developments. This “broad spectrum” approach to Land Use applications and attention to great detail has helped to create projects that are truly unique. Residential projects have created success stories because they have helped build livable-lifetime communities with a strong sense of place. Much of this success has depended on using refreshing design techniques that focus on merging the genius of the natural environment with social requirements and family values of the people that live there.

Let Your Home Be Your Haven… Lakeside at Wonderland is a truly unique and rare community that will invigorate and inspire. We have all heard the advice about investing in Real estate… Location…Location…Location!

Lifestyle Choices for those seeking a Life Less Ordinary…if this lifestyle is for you…you may want to consider making an advanced reserving a lot while the selection of homesites are best and to take advantage of Pre-Sales pricing.

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