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Lakeside at Wonderland, Snohomish WA. Recent Appraisal of “Opinion of Lot Value” Confirms Lots Are Price Right!

Land Technologies retained Western Security Appraisal Service PS , to provide an “Opinion of Lot Value” in Lakeside at Wonderland , Snohomish, WA. The Opinion of the Lot Value was completed on February 20, 2010.

Nil Nelson, Appraiser, Comments in Opinion of Lot Value

“After inspecting the subject site, reviewing the proposed plans & specifications, and interviewing the developer, it was determined that the subject parcel/subdivision is a superior development to any/all other subdivisions in the entire area.” “The features/amenities noted for the subject property are unmatched by any property currently listed or recently sold.”

Indicated Value by: Sales Comparison Approach: $300,000

Nil Nelson, Appraiser, for Western Security Appraisal Services PS; “A search of all listings turned up approx 10 similar listings. Of these properties, the most similar to the subject were utilized in the report.”

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