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Pre-Approved Builders for Lakeside at Wonderland

One builder is being recommended for custom home construction at Lakeside at Wonderland Park.  Contour Construction has an extraordinary reputation for building quality homes that are both sustainable, energy efficient and compatible with the environment.  Other Custom Homebuilders may be approved to build you home on your lot at Lakeside at Wonderland Park.  Typically, we would want to see a builder that is “Built Green” certified with a history of building sustainable energy efficient homes.

We are also recommending Cedar Homes of Washington as a supplier/designer of the Pan-Abode laminated cedar wall timbers.  These homes merge well into the forested environment providing very beautiful energy efficient homes that will last for generations.

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Contour Construction LLC

As a Certified “Green Builder”, Contour Construction, LLC will transform your dream home from a concept to a reality.  They are also the premier constructor of high efficient ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) homes.  Please visit the Contour Construction website to learn more about this “forever” home.

Allow Contour Construction, LLC to nestle your home into the forest on a distinct lot in Lakeside at Wonderland above the lake or on the golf course.  Harmony has never been so attainable! 

An ICF home by Contour Construction will provide all the comforts of home for many generations to come.

Let us work with you on your design to build your dream home in Lakeside at Wonderland. Cedar Homes provides custom designs using the Pan Abode timber systems as the superstructure of the home.

Our cedar homes are unique in the log home industry because we use decorative grade laminated cedar wall timbers. The laminating process eliminates much of the core moisture and allows for fast wall assembly - without the excessive settling that can happen in traditional log homes.

We provide the homebuilder or custom home builder with complete design, consultation, and material packages to build your custom dream home.

Do you have a builder you would like to use that is not listed? We are happy to work with you to get your desired builder approved. To assure quality in your new home, new Builder’s will have to meet the criterion ...Our most important criteria is their track record with Low Impact Development and building a sustainable energy efficient structure. Please feel free to contact us to start the process of approving your chosen builder.