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Architectural Goals & Guidelines

Lakeside at Wonderland strives to preserve and enhance the natural qualities of the land to ensure families will be able to enjoy their spot in paradise for generations to come.

Site-sensitive practices with low-impact development practices such as tree protection and Low Impact LED lighting provide an unparalleled sense of privacy found in few communities.

In order to achieve the goal of long-term stewardship of the Lakeside at Wonderland community, Land Technologies has established several guiding principals for home construction and landscape design.

Site and Landscape Objectives:

  • To utilize the existing landscape and land forms on each homesite as the basis for designing all site and home improvements.
  • Minimize impact associated with development on the lake.
  • To preserve, protect and enhance the existing landscape throughout the community.
  • To protect the mature evergreens and the forested surroundings
  • To promote low-impact development practices through-out the site.
  • To minimize view of development (from the lake) while allowing for views to the lake through mature evergreen forest.
  • To manage selective view-shed enhancement through Community Review Board
  • To minimize nightlight pollution by encouraging the use of LED lighting and low impact lighting design.

Architectural Guidelines and Objectives

  • To create homes appropriate to the outdoor lake lifestyle merged into the natural environment
  • To create homes to last generations
  • To promote energy efficiency with use of Structurally Insulated Forms, Geo-thermal heat exchange, Passive and Active Solar as appropriate, and …
  • To design buildings using quality materials and sound architectural standards, creating homes that seem to “grow out of the land” and blend seamlessly with the natural elements of the site.
  • To allow and promote blended accessory units for extended family living…